Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics | Administration

UF vs HF

If you’re choosing between a Heavy Forwarder (HF) and a Universal Forwarder (UF), definitely go with a UF. An HF is overkill, even for the most massive UCM deployments. In nearly all cases a UF will be faster than an HF, has a simpler overall configuration with fewer moving parts and has a smaller footprint. There are very few drawbacks to using the UF, and even complex things like having to replicate the CDR data in whole or in part to separate indexing tiers can be handled with just a UF in most cases, so there’s really very little reason to choose an HF over a UF.

If on the other hand you already have a heavy forwarder already deployed, it *might* make sense to go ahead and use that instead of deploying a separate Universal Forwarder to forward the CDR data. Just make sure that the TA_​cisco_​cdr app is deployed on the forwarder as per our installation documentation instructs, and that the forwarder was restarted thereafter.

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