Audit & Compliance

Exporting the call log for any person, phone number, device, or location is sometimes all you need.

Many of the reports you need for both internal and external compliance and auditing purposes are just a few clicks away. These can be saved as PDFs or in many other formats. And with no hard time limits on how long you can keep your call logs, you can go back in time and generate reports and call logs, or even confirm behavior from years ago.

Is this you? Just a few Audit & Compliance issues that can be answered with Sideview.

Are all calls being routed through the call recorder, or are some being missed?

Calls to the front desk have to be handled within 40 seconds. Are they?

Your existing tools don’t automatically include agent information in call logs, even though that’s a critical need.

You need to report on different SLAs per business unit, site, or even overall: time on hold, quality metrics, and seconds to pick up below certain thresholds.

Your legal team occasionally requests detailed call logs for some subset of users or calls, or from particular numbers.

You need to confirm that personal outbound calls are not being made from the cafeteria phones.

For either internal or external needs, if the information exists, then we can report on it.

Our Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics App Lets You…
  • Track Jabber, softphone, and mobility usage in detailed Cisco CDR reports.
  • Filter, find, and report on ring time, number of transfers, or any other call metric.
  • Link agent names to calls, numbers, and groups.
  • Build custom reporting from your findings.

“We can create many reports at the push of a button, for which we previously spent hours.”

– Frank A, Network Engineer, Healthcare IT

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