Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics | Administration

Define Quality Thresholds

There are a lot of different call quality fields to keep track of in CUCM. Moreover since different kinds of devices report different quality stats, devising any reliable strategy for quality reports, is normally a complex affair. 

The Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics app tries to simplify this. In short the app considers all of the call quality metrics at search time, and relying on some configurable thresholds, it will generate one field for each call leg, called quality whose value will be one of good, acceptable, fair or poor. Quite a lot of the time your users can simply use this one field and ignore all the others.

Note: to brush up on how users will use these fields, check out our user documentation for quality fields

Customizing Quality Thresholds

Navigate in the app to Settings > Define Quality Thresholds. You will see a set of mappings from many different call quality fields and ranges of values, each mapping to one of the specific four quality values. good, acceptable, fair and poor

Although we hope that the defaults we have picked are somewhat sensible, it is always recommended to check them, and you can use this page to change them.

  • If you prefer to edit this sort of thing in Excel, note that you can simply download the thresholds as a CSV file, make changes and then upload it later.
  • No matter which method you use to edit the thresholds, take care to leave no gap between one range and its neighbor!