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Supporting App for AXL

This app is designed to be used with Sideview’s App Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics”, and it essentially gives the Cisco CDR app the ability to talk to CallManager itself over Cisco’s AXL API.

The main use case of this app initially, is to populate the devices” lookup within the Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics app, and to keep that lookup up-to-date by periodically refreshing the data from AXL. This gives you a wealth of extra field names that are not present in the raw CDR and CMR data.

This includes

  • A full list of all devices, even if they’ve never made or received a call.
  • The exact model name of each device.
  • The username, full name, email address and department of any user associated with each device.
  • The name of the calling search space, the protocol and the security profile associated with the device.

What this gets you — some examples

Easily report on exact models of phones or video devices across the entire installation.

How many of the new 7800 series phones do we have in actual, active use?”

Pinpoint device locations for any device or subset of devices.

Where are those last few old 7940s located?”[1]

Find the last time, if ever, a particular device was used.

That wall phone hasn’t placed or received a call in the 4 years it’s been there. Do we still need it?”

Keep an eye on how devicePool overlaps with — or doesn’t overlap with — physical locations. [1]

Trying to just track down whether there’s widespread misconfiguration in how phones are assigned to users?

Did someone put a batch of expensive fancy phones on tables in the cafeteria?”

[1] These might require setting up the Sites lookup.

A few general notes

The groups” lookup within the Cisco CDR App allows you to do lots of very valuable reporting about specific people and departments. However since its mapping is only from extension to the person, it can be thrown off by certain callflow, including common huntgroup configurations. With this app in place, and the devices lookup being populated nightly, you get a far stronger link from the actual device name, to the current canonical AXL fields about that device.

And this is only one application of the AXL API — a comprehensive snapshot of all phones. There are over 1000 other methods in the AXL API. Contact us for more details.