Call Flow

Rolling call legs up into calls” is a our default and lets you make up our own mind about what the call flow is. 

The Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics app opens everything up and flattens it out for you to see. Get specific data and charts to answer all the small questions and inform all the big decisions.

Is this you? Just a few Call Flow issues that can be answered with Sideview.

You don’t want users to have to think about whether a call is multileg, single leg, or a mix before they even search. 

People are still putting CSV data into Excel to solve problems, and it’s making you sad.

You don’t want to hear: Oh I don’t know. That would be on the earlier call leg.”

Investigate and analyze beyond Cisco CallManager data.

Our Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics App Lets You…
  • Unify disparate call legs in reports so you never have to think about it.
  • Categorize complex call flow and tackle idiosyncratic questions.
  • Provide flexibility to get "contact center reporting", except out in CUCM.

“We have been able to make adjustments to our entire call routing model that will be able to save us well above the amount we invested.”

– Frank A, Network Engineer, Healthcare IT

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