Call Quality

Call quality information is right at your fingertips in Investigate Calls.

The Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics app takes what used to be murky and makes it feel easy. Get specific actionable data around common questions like: How are the jabber calls looking so far this week?

Is this you? Just a few Call Quality issues that are better with Sideview.

Quality issues come up… and then linger for days or weeks.

You’re unsure if quality is consistently or intermittently poor and need better analytics.

You’re frustrated because some quality reports rely on MOS scores or concealed seconds, whereas in other areas there’s only jitter and latency reported.

Investigate and analyze beyond Cisco CallManager data.

Our Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics App Lets You…
  • Normalize a quality score for all calls no matter what combination of metrics your devices have.
  • Quickly check any call quality stats on any call.
  • Create quality dashboards that are as high level or as granular as you need.
  • Use quality analysis that doesn’t feel like a bolt-on. Add dashboard panels showing quality grouped on location, split by device type, etc.

“This is some of the best customer support I’ve experienced in my 30-year career.”

– Chris Bambas, IT Manager, Southwest Network

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