Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics | Installation Notes

Set up the Clusters Lookup

For non-US clusters, the Settings/​Define Clusters and Locales is very important because it lets you set the locale of each cluster so that it parses full DN’s and accounts for regional dialing prefixes and patterns correctly. To do this, see the Edit/​Delete Clusters tab.

And for everyone, you can optionally add a more human friendly clusterName, or group various clusters into one unit” using the clusterGroup field. The latitude and longitude are also optional, but can be handy if you ever want to try to plot calls on a map.

Adding, Editing and Removing Cluster information

The page is found at our app’s Settings/​Define Clusters and Locales menu item. 

The About tab gives you some additional information and specific instructions for some fields, so you might want to read through that. 

Also in the About page is a button to generate a fresh cluster list, so if you add or remove a cluster from UCM, you can come into here and update the clusters list with just a single click.

Edit/​Delete Clusters only lets you edit a single row at a time so click save on each row before editing the next one. 

Using CSV files to manage clusters is not commonly done and not generally recommended. If you find yourself doing this, contact us because we’d love to know the use case! 

If you have any comments at all about the documentation, please send them to docs@​sideviewapps.​com.


Installation Notes
Installation Notes
Installation Notes
Installation Notes