Canary | Tech Questions


The Canary app is what you need to run Sideview views and apps in Splunk Enterprise 8, 9 and beyond.

Canary completely replaces Sideview Utils, and Sideview Utils is no longer needed once you are on Splunk 8.0 and newer.

Beyond that, what you need to know about Canary depends on what kind of user you are. 

Any and all feedback is welcome

If you want to try using Canary to build your own custom interactive dashboards for internal users, go for it. You can download it from Splunkbase.

We are extremely interest in any feedback and any comments. No amount of detail is too large. Use our Contact page, or come find us on the Splunk Slack – @madscient_sideview and @richfez_sideview.

If you want to ask a tiny question or a huge question both are great. If you want to send 126 Advanced XML views and ask us if they will run in Canary, you can do that.