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Important features you may have missed

December 8th, 2022

Important Features you may have missed

We’ve realized that there’s a lot of very useful additional functionality that can be unlocked in our app and a lot of folks aren’t taking advantage of this.

To see what you are missing – and I promise it’s a quick video! – take a look.


0:00:13 – Sites (mapping IP addresses into physical locations)
0:00:45 – Groups (mapping numbers to names and other user info)
0:01:32 – Extensions (mapping numbers to names and other user info)
0:02:01 – Gateways (information on your gateways)
0:02:23 – Devices (more information on devices).

Docs links for them

Sites can be as simple as just adding one or two entries.

Enabling and using Groups/​Extensions.

Gateways needs no setup, they’re already there so just start using them.

Devices also doesn’t *need* any setup, but can be supercharged with our Support AXL App for Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics. There’s a free, no-strings-attached trial for that too, just contact us. We promise we’re not pushy salespeople. Give it a whirl and let us hop on a technical demo with you then you can make up your own mind about it!


Cisco CDR

Great software ultimately has to empower you to achieve more in less time. This extends to the company behind it -- we have to remember to always use your time as efficiently as we can.

And here I am happy to say that we shortened our Product Overview video dramatically. The new one is only 4 minutes long, vs 11 for the old one. You can see it here:

NOTE: the old one showed more of the product and was definitely more complete. In fact this was deliberate because we used it both for new users and also to be a deeper onboarding video for everyday users. However it was a bit too long for anyone who just wanted the short version and didnt want to spend 11 minutes of their day.

February 1st, 2024

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Cisco CDR

December 8th, 2022

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